Keep intruders out with a new standard in security windows.

Windows are the most common entry point for intruders, and as such they need to be well-equipped to withstand any break in attempts. Enjoy uncompromising safety and peace of mind with security screens that keep intruders out while complimenting the style of your home.

Maintenance & Care

It is important to consider the location and environment when deciding which Panther Protect security screen mesh is fit for your purpose. Authorised Panther Protect Security Screen Dealers always refer their customers to Panther Protect Product Selection and Maintenance Chart below and recommend the use of Panther Wash.

  Security Mesh Enhanced Mosquito Net
Warranty Mesh against corrosion 15 years 10 years 10 years
Powder coating & frame 10 years 10 years 10 years
Accessories 10 years 6 years 3 years
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Warranty Conditions and Exclusions

The warranties shall not apply if the failure is caused by abnormal external influences including but not limited to mechanical abrasion; falling objects; damage during transportation, installation and storage; explosion; fire; riots; acts of war; terrorism; radiation; harmful chemicals or fumes; temperatures in excess of 110°C; water chemicals and foreign substances; excessive salt atmospheres or deposits; direct and continuous exposure to rainwater; failure from post formed or post fabrication processes and any other circumstances beyond Panther Protect’s reasonable control. The warranties shall not apply if the residential building is less than 100 metres from salt water.

Panther Protect Security Mesh system gives you the choice of 316 marine grade stainless steel or 304 stainless steel security mesh, depending on location, environmental conditions and preferred maintenance schedule – always refer to the product selection and maintenance chart when deciding on the type of security door mesh best suited to your circumstance. Correct selection and regular maintenance of Panther Protect Security Door will keep your security doors looking good for years. Further to this, Panther Protect PREMIUM (316 SS) range is supported by a 15 year limited warranty. Panther Protect DELUXE (304 SS) has 10 years limited warranty while Panther Protect MOZZIE (304 SS) has 6 years limited warranty.

Environment Maintenance / Cleaning Intervals Environmental Definition*
Beach Fortnightly Up to 1 km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Marine 1 month Between 1 – 5 km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Metro 3 months Between 5 – 10 km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Suburban 4 months Between 10 – 20 km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Rural 4 months Between 20 – 50 km from saltwater or heavy industrial
Bush 6 months Over 50 km from saltwater or heavy industrial
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*Panther Wash use is mandatory to ensure your warranty is covered.

Claims must be made in writing to the AMAX Lifestyle Products Sdn. Bhd. within 30 days of the defect being noticed. Evidence and Tax Invoice number must be provided before AMAX Lifestyle Products Sdn. Bhd. can inspect and review the claim.

Bushfire Attack Level

Our security screen systems also meet the requirements for Bush Fire and Cyclone Prone Areas (refer to the Building Code of Australia).

Advanced Technology

Panther Protect security windows are designed using advanced technology that provides you with a market leading bull nose shaped security window with a heavy duty frame. Our screens meet all relevant Australian Standards, providing you with the best security without compromising on style.

Extensive Testing

To ensure our windows give you the best protection possible, they undergo extensive testing by an independent NATA laboratory. These tests include:

  • Dynamic impact
  • Lock
  • Hinge level
  • Pull
  • Knife
  • Sheaf
  • Salt water

Classy and practical design

Keep your home safe with a design that is both secure and classy. Our frames are specifically designed to eliminate screws, which not only reduces opportunity for intruder tampering but provides your home with a better looking security system. The seamless design features a slot and locking block that offers a unique strength advantage in comparison to other designs.

Warranty protection

Our PREMIUM range of stainless steel security screen windows comes with up to 15 years of warranty against mesh corrosion and 10 years on accessories. Separately, our MOZZIE range of stainless steel advanced insect screen comes with 10 years of warranty against mesh corrosion and 3 years on accessories. It is mandatory that all window frames are fitted with Panther Protect Security Mesh to ensure optimal safety for you and your family.