Both products may look alike from a distance and are usually misunderstood to be the same, but the purpose and benefits from these products are vastly different. Homeowners are to be aware of their product choices that would affect their standards of living.

Mosquito Netting

Designed with the purpose of preventing mosquitoes from entering the enclosed premises, made mainly from cotton, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon threads woven together to form a net-like structure with a net thickness  around 0.6 to 0.8 mm.

Prevention of insect borne diseases is a need mostly overlooked by homeowners especially being situated in a tropical climate country such as Malaysia. Mosquitoes tend to thrive in such climates due to the atmospheric humidity causing high cases of dengue and malaria.

The installation of mosquito nets are mainly done by suspending it to a thin metal frame or attached using magnets.

Drawbacks of mosquito nettings:

  • Does not provide any security features
  • Easily tempered by intruders by using a simple box cutter, scissors or wire cutters
  • Not long lasting (cheap metals rust and the magnetic sticker loses its magnetism overtime)
  • Metal used for the netting corrodes and rust easily
  • Seen as old-fashioned and not aesthetically pleasing
  • Multipoint locks are not available

Security Mesh System

With the advancement of mesh technology, Panther Protect Security Mesh Systems have revolutionized the conventional mosquito netting to provide not only the protection from insects/pests but also deter intruders from entering the premises.

Made from high grade SS316 stainless steel wires woven together to form a mesh-like structure  with a thickness of 0.9mm to 1.0mm, secured by 6063 T6 architectural grade alloy placing the security mesh system to be the superior form of protection.

Moreover, the security mesh system is secured by multipoint locks to prevent further tempering and adding another tier of security.

The benefits of a security mesh system extends to:

  • Providing the same insect/pest-prevention benefits as mosquito netting
  • Secures the home by deterring intruders from entering
  • Sturdy and long lasting (Corrosion and Rust Resistant)
  • Warranty coverage up to 10 years
  • Fully customized to fit the home structure
  • Modern and sophisticated design

The process of purchasing your very own security mesh system can be quite a task when the constant bombardment of information is being produced by multiple organizations due to the growing popularity of Security Mesh in Malaysia.

Panther Protect being the leading security mesh in Malaysia, is here to clear some of the noise and guide you to making smarter purchases.


1. Does The Mesh Thickness Matter?

Security meshes are made from high tensile stainless steel wires woven together to form a mesh-like layer to prevent intruders while providing other benefits superior to the conventional metal grille system.

On the contrary, the thicker the mesh is – the better it is against intruders. However, how thick should the wire of the mesh be before it loses its benefits to provide airflow, sunlight and vision? The thickest wire mesh can be produced is 0.9 mm to 1.0 mm before powder coating to retain optimal airflow, vision and light while keeping your home safe from intruders.

Other brands may claim their meshes are to 1.4mm and above which may sound like the best, but best keep in mind those measurements includes the additional layer from the powder coating (the layer of paint that covers the mesh). At Panther Protect, we have tried and tested the limits of security mesh thickness and the best will be 0.9mm-1.0mm before powder coating.


2. Testing and Certifications

A security mesh system must serve its purpose of preventing intruders from various methods of breaking-in such as force by impact, leveraging , cutting (shearing), burning , etc. .Therefore investing into a security mesh system would mean the product must be certified and tested by an official 3rd party organization. Video demonstration of the product alone without any supporting certifications does not qualify the security strength of the product. Failing to pass the security test would result in faulty products and security breach.

Panther Protect Security Meshes are fully tested and certified by a NATA accredited laboratory.


3. Materials Used For Mesh and Frame

Most security systems such as security doors and the conventional metal grille are quite prone to rust and corrosion due to the environmental extremities. Over the time of use, such conventional security system durability is pale in comparison to the materials used to develop security mesh systems.

Security meshes are made from the standard SS304 grade stainless steel while another grade above is the SS316 grade stainless steel containing an additional mineral called “Molybdenum” to further strengthen the mesh against corrosion.

The frame holding the security mesh must be on par in terms of durability against corrosion and impact as the frame must be made from 6063 T6 aluminum grade also known as “Architectural Alloy”. Moreover, the thickness of the frame is measured at 2.5mm while other brands will make exhaustive claims to have thicker frames (2.6 to 3.0mm and above) is redundant as the section of securing the mesh thickness is at 2.5mm to be optimal. Any higher is over-engineered as the main point of intrusion is forced on the section securing the mesh and not the frame.

Buyers be aware of the materials used to produce the mesh and frame, and always inquire about it with your security mesh provider.


4. Origins and Technology

The manufacturing origins of where the mesh and frame is made from can be quite difficult to locate as most security mesh brands will mention their mesh is made from countries like China or Thailand but claim their mesh technology is from other countries like Germany or Australia. 

It is important to understand the origins of the mesh will determine the quality of the mesh being produced and the technology used to secure the mesh. The most common method of securing the mesh is the “Screw-On” and “Crimping” method most brands have adopted, is no longer a viable method as the screw punctures the mesh causing it to be damaged during production. Also, the contact between screw and mesh causes galvanic corrosion (contact between dissimilar metals) 

When the security mesh is being secured by screws, the force of impact is being absorbed mainly by the screws attached and eventually the entire mesh system will rip and tear from the immense tension of impact.


Improved Screw-Less Mesh System by Panther Protect

Panther Protect Security Mesh System is proudly made and developed in Australia with premium materials to ensure superior quality. We went a step further to overcome the issue of galvanic corrosion by incorporating our patented screw-less technology , making our product last longer against corrosion and retain its structural strength. The screw-less mech technology performs by minimizing the chances of the mesh dislodging and spreads the force of impact load across the entire mesh and frame.


5. Not All Locks are Made Equal

The types of locks securing the security mesh system is just as important to consider during your shopping process. Each door and window should have its own multiple locking mechanisms (multipoint locking system) with the purpose to counter the various methods of intrusion as well as keeping the frame aligned. 

However, many security mesh providers will state their product has a multi-point locking system but many buyers are not aware the locking mechanism are just alignment locks for the frame to reduce vibrations.

Panther Protect multi-point locks are made to prevent tampering and breaking of the lock while keeping the entire frame in place such as the hook locks are to obstruct panel-lifting and bolt locks are used to mitigate forceful tempering. The locks are then distributed at every feet of the frame’s connecting side.

As a point of reference, The multi-point locking mechanism must satisfy these functions:

  • Alignment of the frame and lock to reduce vibrations
  • Prevention of lifting the security mesh frame
  • Locking in the security mesh system to withstand the force of impact
  • Prevention of tempering the locking mechanism itself
  • Unique key system (lock picking prevention)

Besides fulfilling the multi-point locking system, Panther Protect has innovated the locking mechanism to prevent lock snapping (a common method for intruders to break locks quickly) by introducing the “Premium Gen 4 Sacrificial Snap Cylinders to break off when being tempered causing the locking mechanism to be inaccessible  for the intruder.

Metal Grilles in the context of home security is structural fixture made to deter intruders from entering the residence mainly made from stainless steel, aluminum, iron, wood, or concrete. The most common form of grilles in Malaysian homes is made from thin metal bars welded together at the joints to create a net-like structure with the design to limit movement.

However, these security fixtures do not meet any security standards and pose multiple risk factors to homeowners in the long term.


Highly Susceptible to Rust and Corrosion

The materials used for metal grilles are prone to rust and corrosion because most grilles are painted-over iron and with slight abrasion on the surface of the grill will start the rusting process (oxidation) eventually leading to corrosion holes. Moreover, most metal grilles are not made from T6 Alloys and 316 stainless steel (added minerals/metals to the component) to be resistant to rust and corrosion, which is not a good option to have especially if the home is based in a high humidity country like Malaysia.


Poor Structural Integrity

One of the main contributing factors to the weak structural form of the metal grille system is because metal grilles are mainly made from hollow Iron bars, welding solid iron together will be too heavy and costly for homeowners. Adding in the factor of rust and corrosion along with simple spot welding becomes the weakest type of security for preventing intruders from entering.


Weak Security Against Intruders

As mentioned above, metal grilles are made from hollow iron bars joined together using spot welding methods that are prone to rust and corrosion in the long term do not provide sufficient security for the home. Intruders can easily kick or bash using a blunt tool at the conjoining point where the bars intersect, added with the rust and corrosion – the metal grille does not stand a chance against the force of impact. Moreover, most metal grilles fixed in Malaysian homes do not have any form of certification or go through lab tests.


Living Hazard

The way of accessing through the metal grille system is by padlock and latches which are proven to be the least efficient way of exiting out of the house in case of an emergency. Panther Protect Security Mesh System features a multi-point lock system managed through a single latch mechanism and it is inaccessible from the outside to hinder tampering while providing the easiest way for exiting the house.


No Insect Prevention

Most homeowners can relate to the problem of having insects entering their homes when they open their doors/windows for ventilation. Metal grilles are not made to prevent insects from entering while the Security Mesh System is able to prevent insects from entering while allowing air to flow through.


Outdated Aesthetics

Modern Homeowners are starting to move out from the cage-like metal grille system because living in a home enclosed with metal bars tends to portray living in a prison cell. Panther Protect Security Mesh System transforms the house aesthetics with a sleek and modern design take on home security where the style meets safety.


Latest Advancement in Home Security

Panther Protect Security Mesh has been at the forefront of home security to replace the conventional metal grille system in Malaysia. The materials used are from 316 marine grade stainless steel wires woven together to create a 0.9mm mesh, thick enough to deter intruders from entering while secured with a T6 Aluminium Alloy frame for optimal safety.

All of the mesh products are powder coated as an added layer of protection from rust and corrosion and secured with our patented screw-less mesh technology making Panther Protect Security Mesh Products last for a long time. We even have warranties covering for a decade!

The list of benefits goes on and you can read all about it here.

Security grilles as a form of protection against intruders are commonly seen in Malaysian homes for many years of domestic living. Made mainly from stainless steel, aluminum, wood, or concrete to cover up the points of entry of the home. Most standard grille systems are made from thin metal bars welded together posing multiple risks to homeowners and not meeting security standards. Panther Protect has engineered its security mesh system to combat modern methods of intrusion while lasting longer than the conventional metal grille.

One of the main features of Panther Protect Security Meshes that sets itself apart from metal grilles is the ease of access. Homeowners are able to exit easily from their doors/windows when there is an emergency compared to the metal grilles affixed to the wall. The locking system for security meshes is also engineered to allow quick release of the locks compared to the conventional padlocks.

On the other hand, Metal grills are made from thin individual bars being welded together at their joints to form a structure to inhibit intruders from entering. Sometimes for cheaper grilles, the metal bars are hollow and very susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Panther Protect Security Meshes provides uncompromised security to homeowners as it is fixed using the patented screw-less mesh technology where the
mesh system is being held by the entire frame without any screws drilled in to mitigate the force of impact and avoid galvanic corrosion. The security mesh system is covered by a layer of powder coating, making it last longer than the conventional metal grille against corrosion.

Another benefit homeowners will experience is the enjoyment of natural air breeze ventilation throughout the home without the worry of any pesky bugs entering such as mosquitoes and flies. Metal grilles are not perforated like security meshes and possess the risk of inviting pests into homes when opened.

Security meshes are able to elevate the home aesthetics
by providing a clean and sophisticated look, compared to metal grille systems having the reputation of making the home look like a prison cell. Panther Protect customers have even claimed the security mesh system has increased the home resale value!

Panther Protect Security Meshes provide a plethora of benefits for your home as a preferred alternative to metal grilles. Find out more by clicking here.

There are many other Security Mesh providers out there in the market and some to be mistaken as mosquito nets can be quite overwhelming if you are new to security meshes when looking to upgrade your home security features. In this article, we will be highlighting important details to look out for when purchasing your very own security mesh system.



1. Certification

The first form of identifying the security mesh has met standards in quality and meeting security regulations is to check for its certification. A security mesh product not being certified by official regulators would be an added risk to homeowners as the security mesh product is unable to prevent break-ins effectively.  Make sure the security mesh being purchased has been certified and tested by a regulatory body.



2. Material Used to Produce The Mesh and Frame

For the security mesh to claim its quality to withstand multiple levels of intrusion and resistance against the elements, the material used to produce the mesh and frame must be made from industry-grade materials. It is recommended the mesh to be made from Marine Grade High Tensile Stainless Steel (Grade SS316) for a premium option or the standard grade of SS304 Stainless Steel. The frame holding the mesh should be made from Aluminium Steel with a grade of AL 6063, T6 hardness, up to 2.5mm in thickness.



3. Thickness of The Mesh

One of the main benefits of installing security meshes is homeowners are able to open their door/window without the worry of inviting pests/insects into the home while still maintaining an optimal level of security. The mesh must have a thickness of  0.9 mm to 1.0 mm before the application of powder coating. Some providers will claim the thickness of their mesh to be above 1.0mm (claiming 1.2mm to 1.4mm) can be quite misleading as it would include the thickness of the powder coating. Make sure to check thickness before powder coating!



4. Locking System

Hook Bolt Type Lock

An added advantage of installing security meshes is the multipoint locking system installed in it. Locks are not only used to secure the security mesh but to prevent other forms of intrusion such as prying and lock snapping. The security mesh system should have at least 2 different forms of lock types and spread out every 1 -1.5 feet of the panel. Check out Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 to know more about how these locking systems work!



5. Method of Installing The Mesh

Galvanic Corrosion Closeup

Most security mesh providers secure their meshes by using screws to secure the mesh into the frame which causes the mesh to corrode and weaken faster due to the contact of dissimilar materials. This is known as Galvanic Corrosion. Panther Protect uses a patented  Screw-less mesh technology to prevent the issue of Galvanic Corrosion, making Panther Protect mesh last longer than any other in the market.



6. Added Value

Purchasing security mesh products can be an investment, make sure it is worth your every penny! providers should provide the warranties and insurance as after-sales service in maintaining the product for the long haul.


Check out our security mesh system that exceeds 20 times the impact of the Australian Standards!

Here at PantherProtect, we are always innovating towards improving the security standards of homes. Understanding the aspects of how the intruder would behave and the new methods used to infiltrate home security. The Premium Gen 4 will be targeting specific issues with current security meshes available in Malaysia while boasting additional safety benefits.


Multipoint Bolt Lock With Unique Key

Panther Protect Premium Multipoint Bolt LockGen 4

The multipoint security bolt lock adds another layer of security to our security mesh casement and sliding windows to prevent the intruder from opening the windows with an impact or prying tool.  It comes with a unique key, empowering homeowners the option to lock down the multipoint locks from indoor for maximum protection when needed. (i.e when the home is vacant or the owner is away from home for long periods of time)

When the Multipoint locks are secured, it is almost impossible to tamper with the window handle to unlock it. Securing the locks will prevent children from accidentally opening the security mesh windows, further minimizing the falling risk commonly associated with families living in high-rise residences.


Multipoint Flushbolt Lock With Key

Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 Multipoint Flushbolt Lock With Key

Panther Protect invented the Multipoint Flushbolt Lock With Key as the first of its kind in Malaysia to add another layer of protection to the sliding system.

Similar to the casement window’s handle to activate the multipoint locks, the Multipoint Flushbolt Lock is a sleek and less visible locking mechanism to lock down the sliding door/window from indoors. The slim design of a Flushbolt lock, allows homeowners to overcome space constraints between their glass panel doors with the security mesh panel.

The lock system is positioned to be opened from indoors to obscure the visibility of the lock and adds another level of difficulty for the intruder to tamper with the locking mechanism. When the lock is engaged using the unique key provided and combined with the visibility difficulty, it becomes almost impossible for the multipoint locks to be tampered with by advanced burglars.


Hooked Bolt

Panther Protect Premium Gen 4 Hooked Bolt

Most regular door locks are equipped with a straight bolt locking system without the support of other locking points and are not enough to provide sufficient protection.

For our swing door profile, we are permanently upgrading the straight bolt lock into a hook-shaped bolt to further increase the difficulty level when prying. Equipped together with the other supporting lock points makes The Premium Gen 4 is a unique locking system needed for any home security system.


Anti-Snap Cylinder

Panther Protect Premium Anti-Snap Cylinder Gen 4

Aluminum framed doors in Malaysia are mainly equipped with a Euro Profile Lock Cylinder vulnerable to lock snapping, a break-in method that requires ZERO skill to adopt and has become a common practice among burglars. When the Euro Cylinder is snapped, the lock cam will be exposed for the burglar to unlock the door with ease.

Panther Protect Anti-Snap Cylinder is made to defend against lock snapping attacks as it is fitted flushed into the lock body to reduce tool grip and snapping. With the sacrificial snap line in place, the cylinder will break away from the internal locking mechanism and prevent further tampering. This prevents the intruder from lock snapping.